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Straight into the bottom of the muscles,

burn belly fat and arm fat

2B Into Arm&Body Pro, Arm and Body, Arm & Body

Product Features

The new 2B breaks through the absorption limit and uses the latest nanotechnology to inject effective ingredients into the bottom of the skin. It can reduce the accumulation of lipids in fat cells and drive fat cells to divide, thereby decomposing fat cells. AH8 tightens the loose tissues of the skin, making your body silhouette more perfect.

Boost The Generation of Collagen in Waist and Arm

The new Into Arm & Body Pro adds AH8 to make the contoured waist and arm more compact. In addition to shaping the waist and arms, it also facilitates the generation of collagen that reduces the sagging skin in local areas after weight loss. The effect is very satisfactory.

Pamper Your Skin with "6 Free"

The New Into Arm & Body Pro provides "6 Free" guarentee, which is Paraben Preservative free, chili free, Bioidentical Hormones free, fragrance free, mineral oil free and silicon free. Besides, it aslo strictly follows European Union standard and ban over 1000 allergic substances. Sliming while pampering your skin.

Nanotechnology Penetrate Into the Bottom of the Skin

Nano-coating technology is added to the raw materials to make the molecular raw materials extremely fine. Thereby, it greatly increases the penetration, quickly breaks through the keratin, and directly enters the bottom of the skin, which is comparable to the facial beauty device. The extremely fast penetration rate greatly improves the freshness after use.

Break Through the Bottleneck of Fat Burning

The new Into Arm & Body Pro breaks through the limitation of fat burning duration and the duration is double to the previous generation. Its hot fat burning duration lasts longer and the effect is superb! With nanotechnology, the heat can reach the bottom of the muscle and burn every inch of fat.

International Patent Formula

In order to make it effective for all waist and arm types, new and effective international patent slimming formulas such as Slimexir and Cellactive are added to reduce the accumulation of lipids in fat cells that can drive fat cells to divide and decompose fat cells.

【2Base】™is a fine particle structure patented by Germany, Japan and Taiwan. It is effective in slimming, firming, moisturizing, smoothing the skin, anti-aging and improving the particulate structure of melanin precipitation. Its ultra-fine structure is as fine as 0.05mm, making it easier for the skin to absorb. The firming, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, whitening, anti-oxidation and anti-allergic functions of 【2Base】™ can effectively facilitate fat burning, remove excess body fat, and tighten the skin. The slimming and beauty effects provide users with the most professional and long-lasting body shaping effect.

【2Base】™ particle structure within 0.05mm

*Patent No.:20 2013 005 193.0 / 2013-002332


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It is refreshing as it is absorbed fast. The heat is just right and comfortable. It is warm, not burning hot.

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It really works for me, and the results are obvious.

Bernadette Tong
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It can help reduce edema fast and I feel my body more toned.

Winnie Chan
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This is the only product with effect! Value for money!

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You feel hotter if you are fatter 😂
👉🏻 I love it!

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Keep using every day and you will have toned arms fast.

Kami Sin
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My belly is a lot flatter, and my arms are half an inch less after using for few months. My arms are more toned now.

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I feel my waist and hips are toned and it helps smooth the stretch marks!

Yan Yan Tang
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It is recommended to use it once a day. Clean thoroughly first.

After cleaning, take a one-cent coin size of Into Arm & Body Pro and apply it to the bingo wings, then gently massage until fully absorbed.

Then take the same amount of Into Arm & Body Pro and apply it on the waist, gently push from bottom to top until it is evenly spread, and gently massage until fully absorbed.

For areas with more fat, massage with moisturizer for another 3-5 minutes.

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