Focused. Professional.
A new choice.

2B ALTERNATIVE believes that every problem of the body needs the most professional and unique product to solve it completely. Most of the products on the market claimed to be full-effect and comprehensive, but the products often fail to address the problem effectively, so the result is only average. Different problems such as waist fat, chewing muscles on the face, muscles of the legs, and edema can never be completely solved with just one product. 2B ALTERNATIVE is committed to using the latest technology and elements to develop products suitable for different people, so that you can truly feel the focused and professional attitude of 2B that brings you the fastest and most accurate repair treatment.

Our Awards

2B Alternative won the "Preferred Choice-Slimming Gel" award in the "Health & Beauty Awards 2012" hosted by Guardian, Singapore. 2B Alternative's continuous commitment to high-quality, new-tech, and easy-to-use slimming products is highly recognized.

2B Alternative was awarded the title of "OL Beloved Brand Spokesperson-Tavia Yeung" in the "OL Perfect Brand Awards 2011" hosted by Fashion & Beauty. 2B Alternative and Tavia Yeung are committed to promoting 2B Alternative products. The product receives the support of a new generation of female users, great repercussions from the society and the media, and is highly praised.

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